Pool Closure

Although the pool does not compensate the sea; today, they occupy an important place in our lives. We often use pools in hotels, summerhouses, sites and gyms and in polluted sea areas. Sinekpen applications promise you cleaner and sterile pools and more comfortable environments.

• It prevents cut grass, spilled leaves and surrounding dust and soil from entering your pools, so you do not need to clean the pool continuously.
• It prevents reptiles such as snakes, lizards, scorpions, worms and creatures such as frogs, insects, birds, cats, flies and bees entry into the pool and poolside.
• It is resistant to 130 km wind strength and prevents the entry of strong winds to allow you to sit by the poolside easily.
• It filters out the harmful UV rays of the sun and ensures a safe, healthy tan.
• When your pool is completely closed and the illustrated fibers are made, they prevent the people sunbathing to be seen from the outside and provides privacy in the pool.
• Children are prevented from entering the pool in an uncontrolled way.

With all these advantages, you will enjoy the pleasure of the pool and poolside…